Multinational Games LLC presents the essential card game for the geek elite: Race Condition™
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Race Condition cards

Race Condition™ has Arrived!

Race Condition™ is a brand new card game unlike any other on the market today. The game allows competing players to modify a shared computer program represented by playing cards. It's for both seasoned computer geeks and aspiring computer geeks alike.

Game cards and counters are arranged on a table top to represent the order of and relationship between instructions, the current instruction, and the values of variables. Competing players take turns modifying the computer program until one of them achieves his or her objective of setting a variable to a particular value. Players accomplish their goals by appending instructions to the program, and by performing special actions such as inserting, deleting, or moving instructions. As the players modify the program, it advances, modifying variables and potentially moving players closer to or further from their objectives. For the complete rules see the Instructions page.

When you're tired of staring at your screen and need a break from taking the offline online, try taking the online offline. A deck of Race Condition™ cards is all you need to blow off a little steam by battling it out with a friend over a movable computer program on a table top. Order your copy today!

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