Multinational Games LLC presents the essential card game for the geek elite: Race Condition™
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what everyone wants to know:

What is "Race Condition"?

Race Condition™ is a card game in which competing players build and modify a shared computer program represented by playing cards.

How does it work?

Well it's complicated ... but if you're a coder, or you want to be a coder, then you'll get the hang of it. Take a peak at the instructions to understand the mechanics of the game, or run through the tutorial.

How much does it cost?

Eighteen bucks. Plus shipping and handling.

How do I get my hands on one of these things?

Click the "Buy" button on the order page.

Is the checkout process secure?

Yep. It's run by The Game Crafter and your payment information is transmitted over an encrypted connection.

What is Multinational Games LLC?

Multinational Games LLC is the company that produces Race Condition™. Race Condition is our first title, but in the future we plan to develop additional games that appeal to smart people.

Who are you?

Race Condition™ was created by Jason Costa. No, not Jason Costa the heavy metal drummer. Jason Costa the math, computer science, and finance geek.

That doesn't answer my question.

Still have questions? Ask us at .

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